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This site covers the most interesting and most underreported snack in the world – potato chips.

It’s probably implied from our title, but to be clear: Potato Chip World is solely dedicated to potato chips: no pretzels, cheese puffs, tortilla chips, popcorn or corn chips.

Why Potato Chips?

It seems like a mundane topic on the surface. What is there to cover on potato chips?

A lot, actually.

Here are a few topics that we’d like to tackle at Potato Chip World:

  • Flavor choices: how did potato chip flavors evolve? Why does Barbecue have so many different variations? Why do flavors overseas not work here? Does the cooking oil make an impact on the flavor?
  • Business: why did some chip brands fail? How did some regional brands become national brands, and why did some stay regional? Why can I buy some Pennsylvania brands in Illinois but not others?
  • Packaging: what makes a good bag design? Why don’t they sell tins in grocery stores?

This is only a sampling (or, shall we say a “snack-size bag”) of topics we can cover. The narrower the topic, the more fun you can have taking it in different directions.

One Shelf

When I started research for this project, I noticed there was little centralized knowledge online on potato chips.

Potato Chip World aims to centralize all of this knowledge. Fans of chips will have one stop to learn about the history and whereabouts of potato chip brands. As I learn, you’ll learn. And as I snack, I’ll promise to share.

If you’re a fan of America’s regional snack foods or just looking to buy a bag of Dieffenbach’s for someone in Wyoming, this site is for you.

I want this site to be great. Contact Us with any questions, comments or feedback.

Thanks for visiting, and happy snacking.

– Nick Leggin, publisher and curator


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  • Louise says:

    Hi Nick,

    I love your site. I only recently found it so i have read many posts yet but a line from one of your recent posts sticks in my head the last few days: ‘every bag has two sides.’ It was about chip package design but the metaphorical reading cracked me up.

    2 things: if you ever get any Potato Chip World merch put together, like a baseball cap or shirt, sign me up! Maybe a custom chip clip.

    The other thing is that i look at your site from my phone and it’s challenging in a non-mobile format but i don’t mind too much.

    Take care,

    • Nick says:

      Thanks for the note! I’ll work on the mobile design template. Have noticed the same thing, and will try to deliver a better experience. Glad you like the site!

  • Mary A Sharples says:

    Hi Nick,

    As a longtime potato chip (crisp) enthusiast, your site led me to a shared sentiment with another user in the most impossibly esoteric realm of potato chip enjoyment . I have loved old-school Herr’s Salt and Vinegar since I was little, and having a Save-a-lot directly behind my home in Philly, I feel it important to note that Joe Higgs delivers on the intensity, while Herr’s has of late, not done themselves justice.

    I never thought that I would type out an email like this but it’s endlessly fulfilling to find a place to voice this quotidian opinion. Also, I am from England originally and miss walker’s shrimp crisps—after many years, however, I have come to recognize the American Mass-Market aversion to that which is “different.”

    Best regards,


    • Nick says:

      Thanks for the note! I’m glad we could connect you with some kindred spirits.

      You can find shrimp crisps at some Asian markets, but not the Walkers ones (traditionally Calbee).

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