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Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge potato chips
August 16, 2014 8:07 pm By 1 Comment

Covered Bridge potato chips are a New Brunswick-based firm that is part of a larger potato farming enterprise. Covered Bridge... View Article

The Flavor Mill

The Flavor Mill
July 12, 2014 2:17 am By 34 Comments

The Flavor Mill potato chips are an exclusively “small-bag” retailer with distribution across the United States. Although the website offers limited... View Article

Uncle Ray’s

Uncle Ray's potato chips
July 4, 2014 1:16 am By 1 Comment

Uncle Ray’s potato chips is a Michigan-based brand that started as “Cabana Foods”, according to its website. In 1995, the... View Article


Herr's potato chips
June 25, 2014 12:53 am By 2 Comments

Herr’s potato chips are one of the Pennsylvania-based brands with an interstate distribution channel and perhaps one of the widest assortments of chip flavors.... View Article