What makes a great chip flavor? It has to be salty, savory, sweet, and somewhat unexpected.

With that in mind, my first suggestion for a flavor that could work:

Split Pea with Ham

The saltiness and smokiness of the ham would counterbalance with the sweet pea. Notes of garlic, onion, and thyme would compliment both flavors as well.

Have doubts? Try this:

1. Go to a diner. Diners still exist in some places. Bring your wallet to pay for food.

2. When you arrive, order pea soup.

3. Wait for the soup to arrive.

4. Eat the soup. Leave some of the remnants on the bowl for a few minutes until it hardens.

5. Make sure nobody’s looking at you (if you’re eating alone at a diner, it shouldn’t be hard). Then, scrape some of the hardened soup off the bowl with your finger and taste it.

It’s kind of powdery, isn’t it? And it tastes good!

Pea soup could definitely work as a potato chip flavor.