PCWT ’15 England and France, Part 3 – a Bag of Bags, and Taking Flight

Welcome to the third part of Potato Chip World Tour 2015 – England and France. Check out part 1 and part 2 here. Part 3 starts with a trip to TESCO, one of England’s largest grocery chains. The one I… Continue Reading →

PCWT ’15 England and France, Part 2 – On the Run in England

Welcome to the second part of Potato Chip World Tour 2015 – England and France. Check out part 1 here. Excluding grocery stores, there’s no place where you’re more likely to find potato chips than a gas station. That’s the… Continue Reading →

Potato Chip World Tour 2015 – England and France (Part 1)

I recently spent time in England and France. During this time, I consumed a lot of chips. I will tell you about this. Over the next several weeks I’ll be sharing what I ate, what I saw, and what I learned…. Continue Reading →

How Do You Spell Barbecue Chips? An Analysis

After entering a lot of data to our Chipography, I started to notice some odd variations on barbecue, er, BBQ, er Bar-B-Q chips. Is there consistency in how chipmakers spell the word barbecue on their packaging? The short answer: not a lot. What follows is… Continue Reading →

10 Great Potato Chips We Ate In 2014

At this time last year, Potato Chip World was three words in a small notebook. Over 12 months, we’ve managed to build a site, build a directory of chip brands, grow our site to hundreds of monthly visitors, obtain Twitter… Continue Reading →

A Pennsylvania Potato Chip Bounty

22 dollars in potato chips arrived from Pennsylvania today, and I couldn’t be happier. Look at them. The packaging! The icons! The price stamps! I am in chip heaven. The shipment is courtesy of my brother, who is on assignment outside of Allentown. He’s… Continue Reading →

Seasoning’s Greetings: a Holiday Potato Chip Menu

November and December put many of us on a treadmill of familiar tastes. From Thanksgiving through the new year, fortunate families, friends, and co-workers gather to gorge themselves on assorted roasts, sides, and desserts. These timeless dishes pacify the masses, but perhaps we should… Continue Reading →

Chips In a Box: on the Uncommon Potato Chip Container

I’m going to dig into this box of potato chips. It just doesn’t sound right, does it? A box is a package rarely thought of when pondering potato chips. Cans? sure. Tins? On special occasions, or when guests and relatives visit. But… Continue Reading →

Do Us a Flavor Around the World

When you vote for Cappuccino in this year’s Lays Do Us a Flavor contest, did you know that your vote only carries weight in the United States?  Did you that variations on the contest have been around for seven years… Continue Reading →

Are Potato Chips Kosher?

The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah happens in late summer early fall every year. Families celebrate with large feasts commonly including apples, honey, dates, and  pomegranate. But when it comes time for meal planning, Potato Chip World has one question… Continue Reading →

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