Mackie’s of Scotland was originally a luxury ice cream brand. It created a joint venture with a family of potato farmers and branched out into chips in 2009, according to their website.

The chips are based in the UK. However, some US retailers do carry the brands and the chips are available online.

As you’ll read below, Mackie’s has some of the most eloquently named chip flavors in all of Potato Chip World. There’s also two (two!) haggis-flavored offerings – one flavor which is 100 percent Scottish.

If you don’t know what haggis is, here’s a recipe. You know you’re in for a treat when the first four words are “rinse the stomach thoroughly.”

The brand currently offers the following flavors:

  • Sea Salt (traditional)
  • Sea Salt & Vinegar (traditional)
  • Mature Cheddar & Onion (traditional)
  • Flamegrilled Aberdeen Angus (traditional)
  • Haggis & Crushed Black Pepper (traditional)
  • Scotch Bonnet Chili Pepper (traditional)
  • Crispy Bacon (traditional)
  • Honey & Mustard (traditional)
  • Tangy Tomato (traditional)
  • Caramelised Red Onion (ridged)
  • Prawn Cocktail (ridged)
  • Roast Ham (ridged)
  • Sea Salt & Mixed Peppercorns (ridged)
  • Whisky & Haggis (ridged)
  • Venison & Cranberry (ridged)
  • Lo Salt

Buy Mackie’s Online

Mackies of Scotland Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips, 5.3-Ounce (Pack of 12)

Mackies of Scotland Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper Potato Chips, 5.3-Ounce (Pack of 12)

Mackies of Scotland Flamegrilled Aberdeen Angus Potato Chips, 5.3-Ounce (Pack of 12)

Mackies Potato Crsips 24x40g (Crispy Bacon)