The Back of the Potato Chip Bag: an Unscientific Register

Gobs of cash go into developing dapper chip bag fronts. And rightfully so: In the hyper-competitive snack food aisles, the front of the bag has to make a perfect visual pitch to earn the sale. If the front is Married…With… Continue Reading →

Atebara Chips

Atebara Chips were the first potato chip producer in Hawaii (1936 to be exact), but at a point this may not have lasted long. According to their website, during World War II, Raymond Atebara’s company had to work around potato… Continue Reading →

Praising the Chips of a Las Vegas Mega-hotel

When asked about chips in Las Vegas, most people think of this, and not potato chips. Since you are reading this on a site dedicated to potato chips, I hope I’m not disappointing you when we start discussing chips in… Continue Reading →

Greeting Card Contest Winners – Potato Chip Day 2015

Congratulations and thanks to everyone that submitted entries for this year’s National Potato Chip Day greeting card contest. We had a few entries, and I’ve picked two to share with you all. Honorable Mention This is for all the submissions… Continue Reading →

Introducing: Potato Chip Day 2015 Greeting Card Contest

Saturday, March 14th will be National Potato Chip Day. In America, this day is more commonly known as “three days before St. Patrick’s Day,” or, in this year’s case, “Saturday.” As a result, your gift options are limited to potato… Continue Reading →

Our Most Popular Chipography Pages – Fall 2014

The Chipography is a salty snack food rabbit hole that grows every week. We’ve profiled over 90 potato chip brands, from the very large to the very small. Each page features a link to the brand’s website (or where to buy the chips),… Continue Reading →

Introducing our Online Store: The Potato Chip World Collection

We’re offering you a great new way to buy potato chips online. The Potato Chip World Collection is a curated set of brands, flavors, and varieties designed to appeal to the most discerning chipper. From small to large, from domestic to… Continue Reading →

Cookouts and Chips: Labor Day Ideas

The next best thing to having a cookout on Labor Day is eating potato chips that emulate food you would’ve had at a cookout. Wait, there is something better: you could do both. Have the cookout, and serve potato chips that emulate… Continue Reading →

Article Roundup: Potato Chip News from the Week of August 22, 2014

If your not following Potato Chip World on Twitter (@potatochipworld), you may have missed some of the following articles I’ve shared or retweeted: From Food52, some creative ways to add flare to banal lunches (hint: it involves potato chips). The… Continue Reading →

Happy National Potato Day…or Is It?

Potato Chip World wishes you and your loved ones a Happy National Potato Day, we think! Is it August 19 or October 27? Sources vary. Look – it’s not the end of the world if this gets celebrated twice. One shouldn’t… Continue Reading →

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