Old Dutch potato chips are a prominent brand in the upper midwest.

The website offers few details on why Old Dutch was the name of choice. Presumably, someone involved in the brand’s origin had a tie to Dutch heritage.

It does, however, offer details on the Little Chippers program, a chance for youngsters to fulfill dreams at local sporting events (like running the bases).

Old Dutch also has a Canadian affiliate, which usurped the Humpty Dumpty brand.

The brand offers the following flavors in the US:

  • Original (flat,¬†ridged, and ripples)
  • Low Sodium (ridged)
  • Cheddar & Sour Cream (ridged, and ripples
  • Dill Pickle (ridged)
  • Bar-B-Q (ridged)
  • Onion & Garlic (ridged)
  • French Onion (rippled)
  • Mesquite Bar-B-Q (rippled)
  • Loaded Spud (rippled)
  • Creamy Dill (rippled)