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Review: Route 11 Barbeque Kettle Potato Chips

Today’s review is for a little known chip brand in the Midwest. Route 11 was available at what we call a “finer foods” store on sale for $1.99. This is my first time hearing of the brand, so this was… Continue Reading →

A great site on snack foods

If you have several dozen hours to spare, I recommend visiting There’s a claim that over 6000 snack foods have been reviewed (1400-ish of which are potato chips). I think my favorite are Rap Snacks. Potato Chip World is… Continue Reading →

Review: Cape Cod Waffle Cut Buffalo Cheddar

Here it is: the first official Potato Chip World chip review! As of right now, the Cape Cod Waffle Cut Buffalo Cheddar chip is the best reviewed chip on the site. Over time, that will change. Positives: The chip has… Continue Reading →

Twin pack disappointment

A google search for “jay’s twin pack” revealed the following. Do they not sell twin packs anymore? Why Jay Cutler?┬áNot the twin pack I expected to see.

A Flavor That Could Work, Volume 1

What makes a great chip flavor? It has to be salty, savory, sweet, and somewhat unexpected. With that in mind, my first suggestion for a flavor that could work: Split Pea with Ham The saltiness and smokiness of the ham… Continue Reading →

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