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Seven lessons from a two-hour kettle chip bender

I had the recent privilege of taste testing a few dozen flavored kettle chips in not a lot of time. Hot bottled mercy, what a great day. Below is some evidence from the salty, oily boondoggle: I felt like Homer… Continue Reading →

The Snack Artist

The Snack Artist potato chips are a house brand of Safeway, a chain of American grocery stores. After its purchase of Safeway in 2014, the chips can now be found in some Albertson’s brand stores such as Jewel-Osco (which has… Continue Reading →

Atebara Chips

Atebara Chips were the first potato chip producer in Hawaii (1936 to be exact), but at a point this may not have lasted long. According to their website, during World War II, Raymond Atebara‚Äôs company had to work around potato… Continue Reading →


funny-frisch potato chips are a prominent brand in Germany, with one of the world’s most expansive flavor collections. Nothing funny about that. Part of the European snack food conglomerate Intersnack, funny-frisch offers several snacks under its green-and-red shield. Surprisingly this… Continue Reading →

Potato Chip News Roundup – June 2015

We haven’t posted a roundup in some time. Here’s a collection of some stories – old and new – to tide you over for a while. All are directly or indirectly related to chips. Dr. Tongue’s Evil House of Potato… Continue Reading →

Sweets & Snacks Expo 2015 Recap – Part 2

Click here to see part 1 OK, finally, the potato chips. What Was New? I counted at least seventeen potato chip brands at this year’s expo. There are lots of chippers out there doing great work, but some of it… Continue Reading →

Sweets & Snacks Expo 2015 Recap – Part 1

I was fortunate to attend the 2015 Sweets & Snacks expo, one of the world’s largest food trade shows. Over the next several posts I’ll share some of my findings on snack food trends, focusing around potato chips. In this… Continue Reading →

Hen of the Woods: Nick Marckwald on Hatching a New Potato Chip

Ohio: the Buckeye state, birthplace of aviation, the mother of presidents, and a potato chip hotbed. Can the region support more chips? Nick Marckwald hopes to find out. A veteran of the restaurant industry, Marckwald, 34, is the proprietor of… Continue Reading →

Brother Kane

Brother Kane is a Georgia-based brand that specializes in potato chips for vending machines. According to their website, the brand has a family farm and harvests their own potatoes. They appear to have a following down South. Beware: a Google… Continue Reading →

Block & Barrel

Block & Barrel chips are the private brand offered by Sysco, one of America’s largest foodservice companies (sales reached $46 billion in 2014). If you see a bag of Block & Barrel (or deli meat or cheese), you know you’re… Continue Reading →

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