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Block & Barrel

Block & Barrel chips are the private brand offered by Sysco, one of America’s largest foodservice companies (sales reached $46 billion in 2014). If you see a bag of Block & Barrel (or deli meat or cheese), you know you’re… Continue Reading →

Potato Chip World Tour 2015: Germany, or wo sind die Chips

The final leg of our Potato Chip World Tour took me to Germany. Click the following links to read part 1, part 2, part 3, or part 4. OK. Meine Damen und Herren, Jungen und M├Ądchen, it’s time to talk… Continue Reading →

Praising the Chips of a Las Vegas Mega-hotel

When asked about chips in Las Vegas, most people think of this, and not potato chips. Since you are reading this on a site dedicated to potato chips, I hope I’m not disappointing you when we start discussing chips in… Continue Reading →

Potato Chip Obsession, In Interview Form

For anyone that reads Potato Chip World but doesn’t follow our twitter account (@potatochipworld), you may have missed something fun that happened last month. We were interviewed for Lucky Peach, a high-quality quarterly journal centered around food. If you’re a… Continue Reading →

Archer Farms

Archer Farms is one of the many house brands of Target, the large discount store chain. Along with Mossimo, Room Essentials, and Circco, Archer Farms is sold exclusively at Target. The house chips have similar flavor and cut offerings to… Continue Reading →

Greeting Card Contest Winners – Potato Chip Day 2015

Congratulations and thanks to everyone that submitted entries for this year’s National Potato Chip Day greeting card contest. We had a few entries, and I’ve picked two to share with you all. Honorable Mention This is for all the submissions… Continue Reading →

Wholesome Goodness

Wholesome Goodness chips are part of the Illinois-based Wholesome Goodness line of foods. Wholesome Goodness offers several different “better-for-you” foods free of preservatives. The kettle-style chips can be found in select national grocery chains, as well as through online retailers… Continue Reading →

Outback Chip Company

The Outback Chip Company is the brainchild of Native Oz Cuisine, a natural foods brand in Australia. According to their website, the chips are sold in gas stations and offered on Virgin Australia flights. It’s not apparent you can find… Continue Reading →

Introducing: Potato Chip Day 2015 Greeting Card Contest

Saturday, March 14th will be National Potato Chip Day. In America, this day is more commonly known as “three days before St. Patrick’s Day,” or, in this year’s case, “Saturday.” As a result, your gift options are limited to potato… Continue Reading →

Snyder of Berlin

Snyder of Berlin is a longstanding chip brand from Pennsylvania. The company is currently owned by Pinnacle Foods – known for owning other brands like Vlasic pickles, Duncan Hines baked goods, and another potato chip brand, Husman’s. Snyder of Berlin… Continue Reading →

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