Welcome to the second part of Potato Chip World Tour 2015 – England and France. Check out part 1 here.

Excluding grocery stores, there’s no place where you’re more likely to find potato chips than a gas station. That’s the case in England too.

Gas stations there had a smaller selection and footprint from American stations, but offered the same common salty, sweet, and shelf stable convenience fare. Consider it 80% of a Speedway.

When I prepared for my trip, rather than seek out cool parks to visit in London, I sought a chip purveyor close to the hotel. This is because I write about potato chips, and enjoy eating them.

I was delighted to find an On the Run mere minutes on foot from the hotel. I went there the second night, and loaded up on chips. The focus were on flavors hard to find in the states. McCoy’s and Walkers were the only chips offered in the store.

This was the most impressive one-day haul of flavors I ever experienced. Here’s what I got:

Chip 2 – Walkers Famously Worcester Sauce

walkers worcester

Holy Toledo these were fantastic. Perfect taste of Worcestershire sauce without being too intrusive. All of the Walkers crisps were a little thicker than Lays chips in America. Not too seasoned either. I wish these would catch on here.

Chip 3 – Walkers Max Paprika

walkers max paprika

Paprika chips taste like barbecue chips minus the sweet. Cut like a thicker version of Ruffles, the chips offered a good spice and fresh crunch.

What the next step is beyond Max remains unknown by Potato Chip World. SuperMax has negative connotations.

Chip 4 – McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak

mccoys flame grilled steak

More steak sauce than steak steak, and more steak sauce than Worcester sauce. These were cut similarly to the Walkers Max. The McCoy’s chips were seasoned slightly more, but not to the point of distraction.

Chip 5 – Walkers Sensations – Thai Sweet Chilli

walkers thai sweet chilli

Of the four purchased, these were my least favorite. However I would purchase them again in a heartbeat. They offered a more exotic sweetness and spiciness combo. If you didn’t tell me they were Thai Chilli chips, I never would have known.

The Sensations label didn’t make sense on the outset; what makes these more sensational than Worcester sauce?

Also – can anyone explain why chili has two l’s in England?

All in all a terrific suite of chips. Stay tuned for part 3, which focuses on the final chips sampled in England.