Sal’s Gourmet Chips

Sal’s Gourmet Chips are a boutique brand based out of Boston. As noted in this profile, Sal was a professional chef who moved out of the corporate world and fell into making chips. Originally started as a side dish, the… Continue Reading →

Corkers Crisps

Corkers Crisps started as an offshoot of a family’s potato farm seeking ways to diversify their offerings. The British company has the somewhat rare proposition of growing the potatoes they use in the chips. The brand currently offer the following flavors… Continue Reading →

Cookouts and Chips: Labor Day Ideas

The next best thing to having a cookout on Labor Day is eating potato chips that emulate food you would’ve had at a cookout. Wait, there is something better: you could do both. Have the cookout, and serve potato chips that emulate… Continue Reading →


Vitner’s potato chips are a Chicago-based brand focusing on lighter non-kettle chips. If you can’t find Vitner’s, their website includes a PDF you can print out and present to a store manager. Their mascot, Vinnie Vitner, is a shades-and-bandana-wearing, trumpet-playing,… Continue Reading →

Poore Brothers

Poore Brothers potato chips are a portfolio brand owned by Inventure Foods, a company that owns several brands in the Chipography. Based in Arizona (the cactus in the logo is a hint), the brand is a kettle-style chip similar to… Continue Reading →


IRELAND NORTHERN IRELAND Tayto is one of the prominent chip (or crisp) brands across the pond. The brand was founded originally in a centuries-old castle. Tayto also offers that they were among the first brands to offer flavored potato chips… Continue Reading →


Lay’s is the largest brand, by a sizable margin, in the United States. Originally called the H.W. Lay company, the company merged with Fritos in the mid-twentieth century. Perhaps every major national retail food chain, gas station or sundry store… Continue Reading →


De-lish-us potato chips are a staple of northern Wisconsin. They’re one of the few remaining brands that offer both the bags and boxes of potato chips. You can find De-lish-us chips in the following flavors: Plain Original Cheese Onion &… Continue Reading →

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