Diego’s Chips

Diego’s Chips are the potato chip brand of Open Road Snacks, a Colorado-based snack food company. The brand specializes in spicy, small-batch kettle-style chips. The snacks can be found at gas stations at convenience stores – use the handy find… Continue Reading →

Archer Farms

Archer Farms is one of the many house brands of Target, the large discount store chain. Along with Mossimo, Room Essentials, and Circco, Archer Farms is sold exclusively at Target. The house chips have similar flavor and cut offerings to… Continue Reading →

Blair’s Death Rain

Blair’s Death Rain chips are an arrow in the scoville-torching quiver¬†that is Blair’s Sauces and Snacks. Leveraging the flavors of their hot sauces, Blair’s chips run the gamut from medium to incredibly hot. In what level of hotness does Blair’s… Continue Reading →

Tim’s Cascade Snacks

Tim’s Cascade Snacks are a noteworthy potato chip brand to come out of Washington state. Founded in 1986, Tim’s is now owned by Pinnacle Foods. Tim’s offers the following styles and flavors: Original (Cascade Style, kettle) Jalapeno¬†(Cascade Style) Sour Cream… Continue Reading →

Poore Brothers

Poore Brothers potato chips are a portfolio brand owned by Inventure Foods, a company that owns several brands in the Chipography. Based in Arizona (the cactus in the logo is a hint), the brand is a kettle-style chip similar to… Continue Reading →

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