Jays potato chips are a staple of Chicagoland since the 1920s. Originally called Japp’s, the brand changed its name during World War II. Now owned by Snyder Lance, a Pennsylvania-based company, the brand maintains a presence in the midwest. The… Continue Reading →


Herr’s potato chips are one of the Pennsylvania-based brands with an interstate distribution channel and perhaps one of the widest assortments of chip flavors. The Herr’s website includes information on both factory tours and an online store. You can purchase Herr’s chips in the… Continue Reading →


Grippo’s potato chips are another of the twentieth-century Ohio-based chip brands. The Grippo brand started as an ice cream cone manufacturer, and added potato chips in 1959. The brand offers chips in the following flavors: BBQ Plain Sweet Bermuda Onion… Continue Reading →

Golden Flake

Golden Flake potato chips are a prominent brand in the southeastern United States. Fans of Alabama sports are probably familiar with the brand. Golden Flake chips are thinner and crispier than the traditional kettle-style chips of the Northeast. For those… Continue Reading →


Gibble’s potato chips were once extinct, but have made it back to shelves as of 2014. The Pennsylvania-based brand offers chips through an online distributor. Currently, two flavors are available: original and hot. Buy from Amazon Gibble’s® Home Style Potato… Continue Reading →


Conn’s potato chips is based in Zanesville, Ohio – one of the two unofficial “potato chip states” (Pennsylvania is the other). The brand offers both an online store and factory tours at its Zanesville factory. Conn’s is one of the few brands… Continue Reading →

Better Made

Better Made chips are as pure Michigan as like Redamak’s, Vernor’s, Leo’s Coneys and Eminems. The brand offers both a factory tour and and online store. Better Made offers one of the widest varieties of chip flavors for a regional… Continue Reading →


Ballreich’s offers a wide variety of chip flavors and sizes on its website. Similar to other snack manufacturers, the offer more than chips (licorice and meat snacks are included). Unique to Ballreich’s appears to be the phrase “Marcelled” potato chips…. Continue Reading →


Backer’s Chips is a local brand in Missouri that has been around since 1931. Backer’s mascot is the “Golden Girl With the Golden Curl”, a fetching blonde dame not to be confused with Mary Pickford. Backer’s offers the following flavors:… Continue Reading →

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