Wise potato chips are one of the largest of the many Pennsylvania-based chip brands (along with Herr’s and Utz). The Wise mascot is named Peppy the owl. He was brought into existence during the middle of the 20th century, according… Continue Reading →


Utz potato chips are a prominent brand in the Northeast and Southeast. The parent company, Utz Quality Foods, owns several brands featured in the Chipography – including Dirty Chips, Bachman’s, and Zapp’s. Fans of Mad Men may recognize Utz as… Continue Reading →

Troyer Farms

Troyer Farms potato chips are a brand in the portfolio of Troyer Farms. The company owns several former potato chip brands, including Seyfert’s and Dan-Dee. Troyer owns several thousand acres of farmland, on which it grows the potatoes for its… Continue Reading →

Tim’s Cascade Snacks

Tim’s Cascade Snacks are a noteworthy potato chip brand to come out of Washington state. Founded in 1986, Tim’s is now owned by Pinnacle Foods. Tim’s offers the following styles and flavors: Original (Cascade Style, kettle) Jalapeno (Cascade Style) Sour Cream… Continue Reading →


Shearer’s potato chips, based near Ohio Amish country, is a brand that offers several varieties of chips (including the traditional Ohio kettle chip). The brand has been in business for 38 years. Shearer’s offers both a physical company store in Ohio,… Continue Reading →


Dayton Ohio is known for the Flyers, the birthplace of Jesse Owens, the Pine Club, and Mike-sell’s potato chips. The founder’s real last name was Mikesell, but decided to hyphenate it as a marketing gimmick. Hyphen or not, the brand has… Continue Reading →


Martin’s potato chips are a kettle-variety brand based in Pennsylvania, the most fecund land for snack food companies. The company has a separate online store from its home website. Martin’s offers the following flavors: BBQ Waffle Dippin’ Chips Regular Sour Cream &… Continue Reading →


Jays potato chips are a staple of Chicagoland since the 1920s. Originally called Japp’s, the brand changed its name during World War II. Now owned by Snyder Lance, a Pennsylvania-based company, the brand maintains a presence in the midwest. The… Continue Reading →

Door County Potato Chips

Door County potato chips are a boutique brand of kettle chips. One can find them in Northeastern Wisconsin. The brand headquarters is in Milwaukee (doing business as Bradley Industries, Inc.). No factory tour or online store is available. The only… Continue Reading →

Better Made

Better Made chips are as pure Michigan as like Redamak’s, Vernor’s, Leo’s Coneys and Eminems. The brand offers both a factory tour and and online store. Better Made offers one of the widest varieties of chip flavors for a regional… Continue Reading →

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