Guy’s potato chips is a Kansas City-based brand with a pretty wide variety of flavors. In existence since the late 1930s, Guy’s used the “be wise, buy Guy’s” catchphrase from early on, according to its website. Of note: the Guy’s… Continue Reading →


Zapp’s potato chips are the only Louisiana-based entry in the Chipography. Based in Gramercy, Zapp’s is a subsidiary of Utz snacks. Unlike Utz, one can find Zapp’s outside of the east and southeast. For example, the brand is one of… Continue Reading →


Shearer’s potato chips, based near Ohio¬†Amish country, is a brand that offers several varieties of chips (including the traditional Ohio kettle chip). The brand has been in business for 38 years. Shearer’s offers both a physical company store in Ohio,… Continue Reading →

Old Dutch

Old Dutch potato chips are a prominent brand in the upper midwest. The website offers few details on why Old Dutch was the name of choice. Presumably, someone involved in the brand’s origin had a tie to Dutch heritage. It… Continue Reading →


Dayton Ohio is known for the Flyers, the birthplace of Jesse Owens, the Pine Club, and Mike-sell’s potato chips. The founder’s real last name was Mikesell, but decided to hyphenate it as a marketing gimmick. Hyphen or not,¬†the brand has… Continue Reading →

Madhouse Munchies

Contrary to popular belief, Madhouse Munchies are not based in Madison, Wisconsin (they’re actually a Vermont-based brand). The brand is a relative newcomer, being founded in the mid 1990s. Their website offers an online store. Madhouse Munchies offers the following… Continue Reading →


Lay’s is the largest brand, by a sizable margin, in the United States. Originally called the H.W. Lay company, the company merged with Fritos in the mid-twentieth century. Perhaps every major national retail food chain, gas station or sundry store… Continue Reading →


Krunchers are a very crunchy kettle-style chip. Originally owned by Borden foods, ownership transferred to Jay’s foods, which was bought out by Snyder’s of Hanover in the early 2000s. The chips are prominent in the midwest. Krunchers are available in… Continue Reading →

Kettle Classics

Kettle Classics potato chips are a business to business brand that offers snacks to companies like airlines, schools, and corporate foodservice. What this means is you can’t buy them at a grocery store. The brand’s kettle chips offer unique flavor… Continue Reading →


Jays potato chips are a staple of Chicagoland since the 1920s. Originally called Japp’s, the brand changed its name during World War II. Now owned by Snyder Lance, a Pennsylvania-based company, the brand maintains a presence in the midwest. The… Continue Reading →

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