Mrs. Fisher’s

Mrs. Fisher’s Potato Chips are a longstanding Illinois-based producer with a presence in Illinois and Wisconsin. In business since 1932, Mrs. Fisher’s chips has had four different owners over its 80+ year existence, according to its website. Of particular note… Continue Reading →

Mackie’s of Scotland

Mackie’s of Scotland was originally a luxury ice cream brand. It created a joint venture with a family of potato farmers and branched out into chips in 2009, according to their website. The chips are based in the UK. However, some… Continue Reading →

Salty Dog

Salty Dog snacks are British snack brand that offers crisps, nuts, and popcorn. Their chips have been offered since 2002. Like many new chip brands, the brand is the result of someone getting the entrepreneurial bug. Dissatisfaction with the status quo… Continue Reading →

Brown Bag Crisps

Brown Bag Crisps are a Surrey-based artisanal chipper – one of many that have sprouted up in Western Europe the last few years. The crisps are of the handmade kettle-cooked variety, and are cooked in sunflower oil. They are available… Continue Reading →

Golden Wonder

Golden Wonder potato crisps are a UK-based brand owned by the Tayto Limited. They are one of the more well-known crisp brands in the UK. According to the company’s website, Golden Wonder was formed by a Scottish baker in 1947…. Continue Reading →

Hardbite Chips

Hardbite Chips are a British Columbia-based brand focused on all natural and sustainably produced kettle chips. The company has been around since about 2002. Its potatoes come from the only processing plant in British Columbia. And like every good Canadian… Continue Reading →

Joe Chips

Joe Chips are an offshoot of the Joe Tea beverage company. The New Jersey-based brand sells their teas and kettle-style chips to smaller purveyors. It’s not uncommon to find a boutique food offer chips as an offshoot. McClure’s pickles and bloody… Continue Reading →

Corkers Crisps

Corkers Crisps started as an offshoot of a family’s potato farm seeking ways to diversify their offerings. The British company has the somewhat rare proposition of growing the potatoes they use in the chips. The brand currently offer the following flavors… Continue Reading →

J Higgs

J Higgs potato chips are the house brand of Save-a-Lot, a national chain of discount grocery stores. According to an article in Supermarket News, the chips were named after the chain’s Chief Financial Officer, Joe Higgs. This is customary for… Continue Reading →


Ruffles potato chips are one of the flagship brands under the Frito Lay snack umbrella. Known for their r-r-ridges, the rights to sell Ruffles were purchased by the Frito Lay company in the late 1950s. The brand merged with Lay in… Continue Reading →

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