Archer Farms

Archer Farms is one of the many house brands of Target, the large discount store chain. Along with Mossimo, Room Essentials, and Circco, Archer Farms is sold exclusively at Target. The house chips have similar flavor and cut offerings to… Continue Reading →

Snyder of Berlin

Snyder of Berlin is a longstanding chip brand from Pennsylvania. The company is currently owned by Pinnacle Foods – known for owning other brands like Vlasic pickles, Duncan Hines baked goods, and another potato chip brand, Husman’s. Snyder of Berlin… Continue Reading →

Larry the Cable Guy Tater Chips

Not since Jimmy Barrett plugged Utz potato chips fictitiously has a comedian made such a plunge as Daniel L. Whitney and his branded Larry the Cable Guy tater chips. The Blue Collar Comedy veteran partnered with KLN to have his own… Continue Reading →

Cookouts and Chips: Labor Day Ideas

The next best thing to having a cookout on Labor Day is eating potato chips that emulate food you would’ve had at a cookout. Wait, there is something better: you could do both. Have the cookout, and serve potato chips that emulate… Continue Reading →


McClure’s potato chips are an offshoot from the McClure pickle company. The chips are manufactured by the Detroit-based Better Made snack company. They’re cooked kettle-style and spiced similarly to pickles (there are two flavors offered: garlic dill pickle and spicy… Continue Reading →

Tim’s Cascade Snacks

Tim’s Cascade Snacks are a noteworthy potato chip brand to come out of Washington state. Founded in 1986, Tim’s is now owned by Pinnacle Foods. Tim’s offers the following styles and flavors: Original (Cascade Style, kettle) Jalapeno (Cascade Style) Sour Cream… Continue Reading →

Route 11

Route 11 potato chips are a Virginia-based chipper that has established a semi-national presence. Their chips can be found in specialty retailers as far west as Illinois. The brand was founded in 1992. Route 11’s website offers both online ordering… Continue Reading →

Old Dutch

Old Dutch potato chips are a prominent brand in the upper midwest. The website offers few details on why Old Dutch was the name of choice. Presumably, someone involved in the brand’s origin had a tie to Dutch heritage. It… Continue Reading →


Lay’s is the largest brand, by a sizable margin, in the United States. Originally called the H.W. Lay company, the company merged with Fritos in the mid-twentieth century. Perhaps every major national retail food chain, gas station or sundry store… Continue Reading →


Husman’s potato chips are a 95-year old brand from southern Ohio. The Husman’s website shares a bit about their history, including many taglines and one of their old jingles. The chips are available primarily in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana area. Husman’s makes… Continue Reading →

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