Old Dutch

Old Dutch potato chips are a prominent brand in the upper midwest. The website offers few details on why Old Dutch was the name of choice. Presumably, someone involved in the brand’s origin had a tie to Dutch heritage. It… Continue Reading →

Mister Bee

Mister Bee potato chips holds the distinction of being a prominent potato chip brand based in West Virginia. For the concentration of chip brands in Pennsylvania and Ohio, one would think there would be more on the state that hugs… Continue Reading →


Dayton Ohio is known for the Flyers, the birthplace of Jesse Owens, the Pine Club, and Mike-sell’s potato chips. The founder’s real last name was Mikesell, but decided to hyphenate it as a marketing gimmick. Hyphen or not, the brand has… Continue Reading →


Middleswarth potato chips have potentially the most distinct, attractive logo on any brand of chips based in Pennsylvania. The brand is another kettle-style chip based in the northeast. Ridged chips are referred to as “party style.” Their larger chip bag… Continue Reading →


Martin’s potato chips are a kettle-variety brand based in Pennsylvania, the most fecund land for snack food companies. The company has a separate online store from its home website. Martin’s offers the following flavors: BBQ Waffle Dippin’ Chips Regular Sour Cream &… Continue Reading →

Laura Scudder’s

Laura Scudder’s potato chips are one of the more tenured potato chip brands on the west coast. According to their website, the brand was the first to offer potato chips in a sealed wax paper bag (in 1926). Laura Scudder’s… Continue Reading →


Krunchers are a very crunchy kettle-style chip. Originally owned by Borden foods, ownership transferred to Jay’s foods, which was bought out by Snyder’s of Hanover in the early 2000s. The chips are prominent in the midwest. Krunchers are available in… Continue Reading →

Kitchen Cooked

Kitchen Cooked potato chips are available throughout western and central Illinois. However, they can be found in some gas stations around Chicagoland. The brand is a kettle variety chip with a good crunch. The Kitchen Cooked website does offer an… Continue Reading →


Jones potato chips, like many other Ohio brands, are of the kettle variety. In fact, the founder Frederick Jones originally cooked the chips by hand. The brand is one of few brands to refer to their wavy chips as Marcelled, named… Continue Reading →


Husman’s potato chips are a 95-year old brand from southern Ohio. The Husman’s website shares a bit about their history, including many taglines and one of their old jingles. The chips are available primarily in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana area. Husman’s makes… Continue Reading →

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