funny-frisch potato chips are a prominent brand in Germany, with one of the world’s most expansive flavor collections. Nothing funny about that. Part of the European snack food conglomerate Intersnack, funny-frisch offers several snacks under its green-and-red shield. Surprisingly this… Continue Reading →

Saratoga Chips

Saratoga Chips are a New York-based chip manufacturer with a distinct claim to potato chip history. Story goes that potato chips were invented in Saratoga New York. George Crum, a chef at Moon’s lake house restaurant, invented the “Saratoga chip” accidentally,… Continue Reading →

Sal’s Gourmet Chips

Sal’s Gourmet Chips are a boutique brand based out of Boston. As noted in this profile, Sal was a professional chef who moved out of the corporate world and fell into making chips. Originally started as a side dish, the… Continue Reading →

North Fork Potato Chips

North Fork Potato Chips are distinct in that the manufacturer is both the farmer and the maker. Based in upstate New York, the brand focuses on all natural chips cooked in sunflower oil. Also noteworthy is the website lists profiles… Continue Reading →

Good Health Natural Foods

Good Health Natural Foods are a change of pace from most chips listed at Potato Chip World. The brand focuses on all-natural, organic, and healthier varieties of potato chips. They offer a wide variety of goods at retailers nationwide. The… Continue Reading →

Deep River Snacks

Deep River Snacks are a brand that focuses on natural and gluten free kettle chips. The Deep River website offers an online store. You can purchase chips in the following flavors: Original (regular & reduced fat) Mesquite BBQ Sweet Maui… Continue Reading →

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